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About Us

The Tropical Horticulture Foundation (THOF) is a youth organization in the Central African Region based in Cameroon with a dual facet. Its forms are embedded in Charity and Social Enterprising for the development of human capital and improve livelihood in the organization’s targeted communities. In terms of Charity, we build capacities and provide free food for the needy and improve nutrition for children and nursing mothers through gifts and training modules. In the sense of Social enterprising, we build resilient communities to become food self-sufficient, increase networking between farmers, change the status-quo within the sphere of agriculture and youth unemployment.

THOF is predominantly made up of young professionals seeking a solution to Africa’s contemporary problems which centers around unemployment and food security. THOF has a multi-disciplinary team of volunteers; we transform communities and people through outreach education, capacity development in various entrepreneurial domains relating to the food system.

Our team is practically oriented in all aspects of operations. We are experienced in tropical production and marketing of fresh quality farm produce, landscaping and urban conservation, ecological farming, floristry, and recreation, hence our mentees are making strides wherever they lead. By this, we emphasize training and mentorship in areas where little or no capital to kickstart agribusiness is needed. We are change-makers.

“Agriculture to many seems to be the easiest and last option when everything else has failed. I believe strongly that there is more to it, thus being a science discipline, we should be cautious on our understanding and decision before delving into agriculture. I believe a ‘Famer to a Crop’ is likened to a ‘Medical Doctor to Patient’ who treats by carrying out the diagnosis of disease and writing the correct prescription for the identified ailment before the Pharmacist interprets and provides the correct medication for that ailment. So too, a farmer must be able to understand the disease affecting the crop on the field and thereby making the right prescription before the Chemical-store-vendor provides the right chemical for the treatment of the disease. If not, the wrong diagnosis will result in serious damages and financial loss. This can greatly discourage the farmer or investor; a clear indicator that skillful & innovative minded persons are needed in the sector”. Michael Lyonga Ngoh

Brief History

THOF was created in October 2016 as a body to set the pace for youths in modern agriculture by creating an enabling environment and increase networking between groups in the region as well as the globe. After a year of existence, on October 23rd, 2017 the organization obtained authorization (registration number 886/G.37/C.84/VOLII/SASC) from the Government of Cameroon to carry out development activities as a Non-Profit Making Organisation. Hence, THOF is operating in conformity with Article 7, Law No. 90/053 of 19/12/90 relating to the creation and functioning of associations.

The organization by 2016 had six volunteers who started the first vegetable demonstration farm of about a quarter hectare. From this point, she built a relationship with other institutions, groups, and individuals with more resources such as land and facilities to train these volunteers and more, thereby setting the pace for them to kickstart the agriculture venture. Within two years, the organization trained more than 50 young Cameroonians on vegetable production and marketing in the Southwest Region of Cameroon alone and she plans to extend to other regions of the country. In 2018, THOF became pioneered a network of young practical farmers in Cameroon. This platform brought other organizations together employing the best of techniques and sharing best practices in sustainable production. As of January 2019, she began expanding tentacles in other areas of operation such as snail and bee farming; making her training and mentorship more diverse and attractive to more youths particularly women and young girls.


To enable the underserved communities, particularly girls and women improve sustainable livelihood via equitable access to resources, innovative and transforming agricultural practices.


Agriculture for centuries to the present day in Cameroon and Africa has been championed by non-professionals. This implies at present circumstance, about 90% of our food production is mainly produced by people with no formal training in agriculture. Most often these non-professionals use obsolete techniques and poor technology. The result of this is poor harvest and low quality, thus making most communities wallop in extreme poverty.

Our goal is to drive a change by training, mentoring, and involving skillful and vibrant youths in modern production. Besides, employ sustainable low-cost techniques for the improvement of income and accountability in agriculture systems. We believe the youths have the mindset to venture into the sector but will need a pulling factor (something that attracts) which we have understood to be the use of modern technology and assurance of greater income for a better life. To accomplish this, we focus on training youths in practicing modern agriculture techniques using low-cost adapted technology that has proved successful in other parts of the globe.

The injection of entrepreneurial capacity in the minds of these youths is one key facet as they will have to practice agriculture business and become Agripreneurs capable of making a quality living from agriculture. We believe and understand the agriculture sector has unlimited opportunities and space to accommodate most of these unemployed youths on our continent today.
“Amplifies the farmers’ voice in promoting trade, technology, sustainable farming, economic growth, and food security.” ∼ Global Farmer Network

THOF is predominantly made of young dynamic Cameroonians from diverse disciplines yawning to improve the status of local food systems. These include professionals with the following background: Ecology and Biodiversity, Botany and Horticulture, Animal Production, Agriculture, Agronomy, Fisheries, Economics and Law as well as Local Agriculture Practicing Farmers.

Our Team

Board of Trustees

Ngoh Michael Lyonga


Zedekiah Ngendoh

Board Chair

Frida Embolo Ngange

Food & Health

Benis Lekunga Bobga epse Ngoh

Finance & Internal Audit

Lacsoh Fidelis Duyah

Focal Point EU

Betsy Ekoti

Focal Point USA


Azefor Nangah

Knowledge Management Officer

Georgiana Forwah Fende

Accounting & Finance

Melanie Nganje

 Administrative assistant (Secretary)

Ngyeh Stanley Ngyeh

Outreach/Agric Production

Eta Tabi Fortunate

Internal Communication

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Longstreet Small Soppo, Buea. Southwest Region, Cameroon.


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